Real Reviews from RB Green Energy Customers:

Comments and reviews from your existing and prior customers are the most useful source for impartial feedback on the performance and overall client satisfaction.

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“Our first contact with Maurice King of RB Green Energy was great. He was very warm, informative and very helpful to get the project started. After all the paperwork was sorted, the installation process went smooth and soon we were on our way to receiving greatly reduced electrical bills.
Now, having come back from completing our 2017 taxes, we are so excited to receive our 30% from the solar panel project.
We are SO HAPPY with this company, their attention to the smallest detail and the follow on service. Having done only 50% of the project, we look forward to working with them to complete the rest. Excellent job and service…. I can´t recommend them enough…” – Ron Cagliolo


“Great people doing great things! Very professional and very courteous.” – Jason Guss


“The solar representative showed me how the solar panels could be placed on my roof and provide electrical power to my home. Any excess electrical power that was generated by the panels would be fed back into the grid and I would earn credits for my contribution. It sure sounded like a good idea and I agreed to go ahead with the project. A site survey team came out and measured my roof and an engineer created a plan to proceed. They took care of all the permitting and made necessary arrangements with Florida Power & Light. The installers took just a couple days to install the system and they were very friendly and respectful while at my home. They were also neat and clean and never left any trash on my property which was very nice. They took care of all the inspections and certifications throughout the process. I was continually informed of all progress during the installation process through phone calls from the office. It was a very good feeling to have the continual contact from the office during all the phases of the work being performed. When all the work was finished, the final inspections approved, and the final connection to the power grid was set in motion, I was amazed at the sudden drop in cost of my FPL bill. I should have done this a long time ago. It is absolutely the future of the planet. Most of all, RB Green Energy has provided a friendly, efficient and smooth transition to help me do my own little part towards a greener planet for all of us to enjoy. Thank you, RB Green Energy.” – Bill McNeil